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Step by Step Guide to Correctly Fitting Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a great way to cover the windows while still maintaining a beautiful look inside a home. Blinds that are custom made require exact measurements to ensure the perfect fit. From there, each piece needs to be attached to the window correctly so that the blinds can be moved up and down smoothly. Take your time and follow each step, one at a time.

Measuring the Window
Before ordering Venetian blinds, measure all of your windows that the blinds will cover. Start by measuring the width of the window. This will be the first number needed for ordering. From there, measure the length of the window. Some windows may look like they are the same size and it can be tempting to just assume they are both the same. In spite of how they look, each needs to be measured separately.

Each measurement should be written down, with a quick description of the window. Once the Venetian blinds are delivered, it will be easy to match up the blinds to the correct window. You can place each package in front of the corresponding window and get started.

Included Parts
Along with the Venetian blinds, the packaging will include several other pieces that need to be used for installation. You will need the brackets that hold the blinds onto the window, screws to attach the brackets and rawl plugs. When the screws are turned into the rawl plugs, the attachment to the window is more secure. Sometimes a person pulls a little too hard when trying to pull the blinds up. These two pieces make sure that everything is secure and nothing falls down.


Step One: Measure the window again, looking for the center. If you are going to fit the Venetian blinds onto the outside of the window, you need to find the center of the window to place one bracket. This bracket will go at the top of the window on the outside. If you plan to put the blinds inside the window, measure for the middle and place the bracket inside the window.

Step Two: If the window is smaller, it may only take two brackets to hold them in place. In this case, each bracket needs to be attached to the inside of the window, at the very top, one on each side. Place the bracket on the wall and mark the openings with a pencil.

Step Three: Take down the bracket and create holes for the rawl plugs at each of the pencil marks. Once this is done, place the bracket back up into the window and use the screws to secure it. While the work can be completed with a screwdriver, the brackets will be more secure if you use a drill to ensure each one is tight.

Step Four: Take one side of the blinds and place them into the corresponding bracket. In most cases, the blinds will not go in directly. One side will go in and then the other will snap into place. You will be able to hear when either side of the blinds attaches. Add the handle that allows you to tilt the blinds to allow some light into a room.

Don`t be intimidated by the look of Venetian blinds and assume that you will not be able to handle the installation on your own. Along with these directions, make sure to check the packaging that comes along with your blinds for differences that apply to your specific manufacturer.


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