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Planting a Shrub 0

Planting a Shrub

Long ago, gardeners discovered shrubs require minimal maintenance and deliver maximum rewards. A variety of shrubs add greenery, flowers and fragrance to home landscapes. Shrubs are easy to plant and if you buy them...

Reasons to Use Limestone Bricks 0

Reasons to Use Limestone Bricks

One of the many different types of building bricks, limestone bricks are highly popular because of their durability and hardiness. Limestone bricks are one of the oldest types of building materials. Many ancient structures,...

Outdoor Mood Lighting 0

Outdoor Mood Lighting

Those flimsy bamboo and coconut ­torches of luau-themed summer shindigs and Gilligan’s Island reruns now come in dur­able materials such as copper, iron, and steel. They illuminate all manner of outdoor living—not just in...