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10 Simple Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Breathing new life into your kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require the months of renovation. Here are 10 simple ideas that will transform your kitchen from old and dated to fresh and fun:

1. Add color to the walls. New paint is the least expensive, easiest way to freshen any space. Colors such as a sunny yellow or a warm apricot will give the room a face lift – and make it more inviting, too.

2. Replace old, unattractive flooring. Worn flooring, especially old vinyl, dates a room. New vinyl, linoleum squares, laminate wood – or even ceramic tile or wood, which are a bit tougher to install for do-it-yourselfers – will dramatically improve the look of your kitchen.

3. Swap out old cabinet door and drawer pulls and handles with sleek, modern designs.

4. Paint or reface cabinet doors and drawers.

5. Replace dated lighting fixtures with a mix of lights designed for over-counter tasks, dining and room illumination.

6. Hang art on the walls, such as family photos, paintings or prints you love.

7. Replace damaged or odd-colored laminate countertops with neutral tones and/or butcher block.

8. Buy a couple of cute throw rugs as accent pieces and to add cushion to the areas where you stand the most: such as at the sink or a counter area where you chop and prepare food.

9. Keep fresh cut flowers in a vase on the dining table and display colorful fruit in a bowl for visual interest – and to encourage healthy snacking.

10. Keep a running project “wish list” and replace old appliances and add new touches, such as a pot rack, as finances and time allow.

It’s amazing how far a little remodeling goes–and the kitchen is a great place to start.


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