Electric Heaters – Use Them Wisely

Electric heaters are the most popular way to warm rooms not only in United States, but across the globe. People use electric heaters to warm their homes and offices because they are convenient and efficient; all you need to do is plug it into an electric outlet and it will start providing you instant warmth. The ample varieties in design as well as capacities offer plenty of options to a buyer. However if they are not used correctly, they may be unsafe and not efficient. Here are a few tips on how to use electric heaters wisely.

Don’t leave an electric heater unattended while in use. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, electric heaters account for 40% of the deaths and 30% of the injuries each year in the United States that are heating related. Even with safety features, electric heaters may catch fire if used for long hours without supervision, or something near heater may catch fire after long exposure to the heat.

Use only as directed. Place the electric heater on a level, flat surface. Use the heater on a tabletop, only if the manufacturer permits it. If you place it on furniture, it could fall and be damaged or cause fire or injury. Do not use electric heater in a damp or wet area unless designed for use in bathrooms or the outdoors.

Keep children and pets away from an electric heater. Children may put their hand on a hot electric heater and can burn themselves. Pets could knock the unit over or could also be injured.

Use it when you need it. Electric heaters take less time to warm an area, so when you don’t need it on, turn it off. Some electric heaters include a thermostat that maintains the temperature you set. By keeping this tip in mind, you will not only save on electric bills but will also save energy.

Get it inspected by an expert regularly. This ensures that all electricity points are working correctly and helps prevent any injuries or fires. Get the electric heater repaired if there is a problem.

These suggestions will not only help you use electric heaters safely but will also reduce the costs on your electric bill.

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