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All About Wainscoting 0

All About Wainscoting

A house with good bones has pleasing lines on the outside, but that artful composition has to be echoed on the inside, too. And nothing’s better for giving rooms a handsome, well-built look than...

Reduce Unwanted Noise 0

Reduce Unwanted Noise

Noise disrupts a peaceful home and can interrupt sleep and increase stress. New housing developments place houses closer together on smaller lots, so it’s easier to hear your neighbors. Indoors, home theaters and powerful...

How to Install Baseboard Trim 0

How to Install Baseboard Trim

Baseboard trim covers the joints between the walls and the floor and adds an essential finishing touch to a room. You can choose from many styles of baseboard and shoe moldings to get the...

Repairing Drywall 0

Repairing Drywall

Drywall repair is a project that most homeowners will have to face at one time or another. It encompasses a wide range of problems that include everything from nail pops to holes from doorknobs...

What tools are needed to skim coat? 0

What tools are needed to skim coat?

Q: What tools/stuff do I need to skim coat? A: Some prefer to put joint compound in a ‘mud pan’ (like a bread-making pan), and use what is called a broad knife, which is...

How To Skim Coat Rough Plaster Or Drywall 0

How To Skim Coat Rough Plaster Or Drywall

You want to wallpaper – or put new texture –  but it’s not smooth enough. Some helpful steps to skim coat and prepare for a beautiful paper, or texture, job. [youtube FNsXJM_mnz4]