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Advice to follow when purchasing unique wood kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is the room used most often in just about every house. The type of cabinets that you select for your kitchen can really help to define the space. These days you have many options in terms of the styles of kitchen cabinets available. Some things you should keep in mind for any home remodeling project include style, cost, environmental impact, and function. To create a comfortable and aged look to your kitchen think about installing kitchen cabinets made from distressed wood. Distressed wood cabinets can create a comfortable rustic feel in your kitchen space. You can really make the space warm and welcoming. The distressed look can be at home is almost any room in your house.

Creating a distressed look
You can distress any species of wood. Distressed wood does not have to cost more than regular wood. There are a variety of techniques used to distress wood including hand scrapping, wire brushing, and the wear and tear that occurs during years of use. Antique wood will have been naturally distressed. With new wood you can give it an antique look with techniques such as wire brushing and hand scrapping. The result you get with these techniques will look just like smooth antique wood. Distressed cabinets often fit well with rustic or country home decorating themes. Your best choice may not be distressed kitchen cabinets if your home has a more contemporary look and feel.

Forest Stewardship Council wood
Wood that is either reclaimed (antique) or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified is the best bet for those looking for a green solution for home remodeling. You will get a warm and beautiful look from reclaimed wood. Wood that receives FSC certification is guaranteed to be grown and harvested in a sustainable fashion. You can create an environmentally friendly home by ensuring the products you buy are produced in a eco-friendly way.

Cabinet Refacing

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