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4 Factors that Drive Cabinet Refacing Costs Down–or Up

So your kitchen needs a makeover but you aren’t prepared to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for new cabinets? Consider cabinet refacing: putting up new cabinet doors and drawer fronts and covering the exposed cabinet frames.

Refacing your cabinets usually costs less than half of what it costs to tear out your current cabinets and completely replace them. Refacing also eliminates plumbing or wiring work and makes your kitchen usable during the refacing process, which takes just days.

Cabinet Refacing Cost Depends on Size, Materials, Delivery Charges, and Labor
Although costs can vary drastically, kitchen cabinet refacing costs generally fall between $3,000 and $6,000, whereas comparable new cabinets may cost upwards of $9,000. The final cost of cabinet refacing depends mostly on four critical factors:

1.    Kitchen size. More doors and drawers = higher costs. However, you could save money by leaving some cabinet shelves open in the new modern style instead of putting doors on them all.
2.    Types of materials and extras. Will your doors and frame covers be RTF (“rigid thermofoil,” which is vinyl pressure-molded over wood), laminate, or wood? (There can be great cost differences between materials.) What type of door and drawer hardware will you choose? Are you adding extras such as decorative molding between the frame and the ceiling?
3.    Delivery charges and sales tax. Some suppliers offer free delivery for larger orders.
4.    Labor costs. Refacing your cabinets yourself eliminates contractor costs.

Regardless of the choices you make, refacing cabinets can help your renovation progress quickly toward a beautiful conclusion–and save you money.

Cabinet Refacing

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