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4 Decision Areas Offer Unlimited Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Basic cabinet refacing is simple–replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts and covering cabinet frames–but the possibilities are endless. Have some fun while staying within your budget by considering these cabinet refacing ideas.

Materials. The materials you use have the largest effect on the project’s look and cost.

  • RTF (rigid thermofoil)–often the least expensive material–is a vinyl foil pressure-molded over MDF (medium-density fiberboard).
  • Plastic laminates are slightly more expensive than RTF and come in a wide variety of wood grains and solid colors. Most laminate doors are flat and include no molding.
  • Wood and wood veneer are the most popular options and also the priciest.

Hardware. Door and drawer hardware is usually considered a necessity rather than an add-on, except on very modern cabinets. Choose from a cornucopia of hardware shapes, materials, colors, and prices.

Extras and Add-ons. A cabinet refacing project can include large and small additional pieces, such as:

  • Replacing the wood center glides on your drawers with side-mounted roller tracks–or completely replacing your drawer boxes
  • Inserting clear or decorative glass in some or all of your cabinet doors
  • Installing a new sink, flooring, countertops, or appliances
  • Adding features such as wine racks, plate and stemware racks, and trash bins

Project size. The more new cabinet doors you hang, the more your project will cost. The modern trend of leaving doors off some cabinets can save money and create a stylish look.

Whatever your budget, exploring all cabinet refacing ideas can help you create the kitchen of your dreams for less than half the cost of a total renovation.

Cabinet Refacing

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